Sunday, 26 May 2013

A Design Presence Samples of Work.

For my samples of work to be displayed within my promotion pack I have decided to create a selection of concertina books that display the products from each brief. I have chosen this approach as I feel it is a simple way of creating a publication that the audience can interact with. Also, because it can fold all of the way out it allows all the designs from one project to be viewed simultaneously making the whole set easier to see.

I have made the scale for each page A6 as I didn't want the book to be to large. I had to consider the size when folded inside the cover and also when the sheet inside was opened all the way out. I didn't want this to be any larger than A1 as it would be difficult to hold which is another reason the A6 format was chosen. I also didn't want it to be any smaller as I felt the images inside would be harder to look at and see the detail.

I allowed myself five pages per book as when I made a paper mock up I felt that this layout worked best. When turning the fold as pages and also when pulling it out full scale.

I have now moved forward to creating covers for these concertina books. I want the theme of design to be consistent with the branding I have already done so it was quite a quick task to complete. I experimented with the placement of the logo and also the supporting type that gave the name of the project inside. I am not sure about the black used for this text but because I will be printing on coloured card I'm not sure any other tone would be visible. I changed for the last experiment for a very dark pink, hopefully this will still show on the card.

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