Thursday, 23 May 2013

A Design Presence Business Card Designs.

I have started applying my logo design to some business card designs. I wanted to keep it simple and have the logo as the main focus, colour was also very important as it something that aesthetically interests me.

I started by applying my logo to a coloured background but I didn't feel this was engaging enough which is why I mocked up what an embossed version would look like. I then developed this further by highlighting the embossed shape using foil, this then inspired me to try a block foil approach that I then used with different colour options. I like the colour on colour as I think the effect is really cool and slightly more unique. I then tried out all these options with some other colours to see what was the most effective.

I really like the pink and turquoise as I like the strong contrast of the two colours, I think this is the colour scheme I am going to take forward.

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