Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Evaluation - Brabantia.

Through this brief I have improved my skills in pattern design and more specifically designing something that is suitable for a specific brand and it's products. After researching into Brabantia and analysing the style of the current look I believe I managed to create something that fits with their current collection but also develops it into something new and desirable for the customers. I have also developed my skills in extending briefs and going further than what has been asked initially, I feel that this is beneficial as it has pushed me as a designer and is a good work ethic to develop for the future. In addition I have developed my knowledge of creating a collection and designing products that follow a theme and work aesthetically together to create a set.

Through this brief I have undertaken various research themes. Initially I looked at Brabantia themselves which as I have already mentioned guided me to the style of retro design I looked at. This then led me to look prints in this style that were already around to help get a better understanding of colour a shape and how they interact together, through this I developed a range of pattern that helped get the cogs turning. In addition I also looked at retro style homes and how the pattern have been applied to tangible products, this really helped when applying my print to items in terms of composition, scale and also extending the range.

I feel that a strength within this brief has been the considered approach to audience, I think this became more apparent when I looked at other submissions for the competition aspect of this brief. I found that the other entries did not follow the Brabantia brand and the focus of the designer were not suitable for a kitchen/home environment. Another strength is how I have extended the brief and pushed the amount of work that was needed and within this created a strong group of products that I believe would be successful in a real environment.

I think some weaknesses within this brief could be that I could have extended it slightly further by producing packing for the products and maybe additional promotional items. In addition I could have created a larger range by producing a selection of colour schemes that would have given the target audience more choice.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Events - Design Manchester.

I recently went to an event in Manchester called 'Design Manchester'. I found it to be a really great experience and I got to hear a selection of talks from some great designers. Here are some notes I made: