Monday, 24 March 2014

Studio Visit - London.

Recently me and Emily James made a trip over to London to visit some studios and hand out some promotional packs and it was one of the best things I feel I have done. Even though it was a very busy and non stop day it was very worthwhile. We travelled down the day before and stayed at a friends place for the night, during this time we collected the places we wanted to visit from both of our lists and made a note of where they all were. This way we could target all the studios in a similar area before moving onto the next location. I feel this was really beneficial as it made the most of the limited time we had. We took the list with us during the day so we could easily refer to it and checked off certain places throughout the day.

We woke up early the next morning and made our way to the first studio, NB in London Bridge. We initially found that it was harder than we thought as most studios were parts of large building that you usually quite hard to get into or not clearly marked on the outside. For example with NB we managed to find someone who could let us in and then walked up until we found the right studio. We initially went in and didn't know what to do with ourselves but thankfully someone came up too meet us. She was really welcoming and took our promotional packs. After this first experience we found that our confidence levels rose due to the positive initial experience and were excited to visit the rest. In total we managed to visit nine studios, covering all that we wanted to visit most. All were great and I was surprised to find how many people were excited to receive the packs we were handing out, I feel this is something I would definitely consider doing again in the future.

Here are the studio's we visited and handed promotional packs to:
  • Construct London
  • Studio Twig
  • Socio Design
  • Sea Design
  • Heavenly Design
  • Here Design
  • Buro Creative
  • NB
  • Elmwood

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