Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Looking into Studios - Here Design.

After our trip to London I have decided to look further into some of the additional places we visited.

"Here Design is a small team of multi-disciplinary designers based in East London. The studio was set up in December 2005, by Kate Marlow, Caz Hildebrand and Mark Paton.

Since then we have been crafting quietly powerful design for a client list of individuals, brands, charities and institutions that we believe in wholeheartedly.

Our collective experience includes design and strategic thinking for branding, packaging, print, publishing, point-of-sale, products and websites. This scope allows us to create effective and original solutions to work across any media."

Reyka Vodka

I love the fresh and crisp colour palette of this packaging as it fits perfectly with the brand. The orange adds a pop of contrast that brings the design to life. I like how the dotted grid and other dotted decorative patterns have been incorporated as it adds detail to the flat white surface, it is also very subtle as to not distract from the main design.

Solid ID

The branding for this project is extremely consistent, I think this is helped by the versatility of the logo. The simple but effective colour palette has also been applied to all of the paraphernalia. I especially like the shop front as I think the blue exterior would really stand out and also how the logo has been manipulated to spread across the whole of the composition.

Cafe Luc

There has been a great deal of attention to detail with regards to this project. The branded 'L' is a big part of the identity and appears across the whole board even on the restaurant itself and the printed material. For example the door handles have been crafted to mimic it and even something as small as paper clips has had this treatment too. The colour palette of pastel pink and green is quite unusual but works very effectively.

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