Monday, 3 March 2014

Looking into Studios - Studio Twig.

This is a studio that I have come across fairly recently and I really love their approach to design and the clients that they have. How they approach web is really interesting to me as they take quite an unusual approach. Their style is very interactive which makes the experience exciting for the user.

"Studio Twig is a design agency founded and run by London-based designer Jonathan Twigger. Having worked for a variety of leading design agencies in London, Jonathan decided to start his own studio in 2010.

Studio Twig uses a 360 degree approach to design for retail and lifestyle brands. A project can see the studio working across various touch points from macro to micro: creating a brand’s identity and ethos, developing collateral across print, packaging, digital, products and environments.

The Studio is lean in terms of its scale giving it the flexibility to adjust its resources to suit the task at hand often collaborating with a network of talented specialists. The Studio enjoys exploring the possibilities of a project, often deriving solutions that are unexpected while always appropriate to the brief and its context. Studio Twig is passionate about what it creates. This, coupled with its commitment to a project, is what helps deliver professional work that stands out."

Loquet London

"Loquet London is a new British luxury jewellery concept created by Sheherazade Goldsmith and Laura Bailey. Taking a contemporary approach to the age old idea of a keepsake locket they created Loquet London. We built an ecommerce website which is both interactive and content rich. Including an illustrated book of inspiration and a shopping experience like no other: we modelled an interactive loquet and chain, allowing the consumer to create their own piece and rattle it around as if it were right there in front of them."

I initially found this website whilst looking at Loquet London itself. I found the website extremely engaging and fun to use. A few months later I came across Studio Twig and found that they were the ones to create it. The style of this whole brand is fun and quirky and I like the combination of type, photography and hand drawn elements.

The Shooting Club

"We were approached by a new photographic agency ‘Shooting Club’ who have set up an initiative to help promote young photographers. We devised a set of brand values and the supporting visual identity. All the visual collateral is underpinned by a concept we call “the duality of craft”: the idea of promoting and sharing the technical aspects of photography whilst simultaneously helping shape the prospective careers of candidates."

The logo of this project is very detailed and interesting to look at, quite different from a lot more simple designs. The bright blue and cream are very complimentary and create a memorable palette. I like how the band has been continued to the web element and developed with the use of photographic images that link with the brand itself.

Central Saint Martins

"Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design commissioned us to produce a promotional book of works for the 2011 Fashion Print BA graduates. As a solution we created a bespoke font depicting illustrated hands screen printing patterns to form letters, we then used this to create the cover artwork"

I love the bespoke font created for this publication as it adds a quirky element to something that otherwise could be quite ordinary. The monochromatic colour palette lends itself to the intricate illustrations. I feel this is a clever approach to bringing the 'fashion print' aspect to life.

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