Saturday, 15 March 2014

Looking into Studios - SEA Design.

Out of the studios I have looked at so far SEA is the most corporate but I do like the range of projects they take on. I have selected a range of briefs that I feel are most relevant to my own practice.

"SEA helps brands express themselves. We believe in clear thinking and straight talking.

Our clients range from corporate giants through to global fashion icons who all believe in harnessing great design to become great businesses.

We help them define, design and deliver highly effective and strategic visual communication for their brands.

The work we do is persuasive, revitalising, enduring and award winning — online, offline, in store and on the move.

Strategic and visual communication for brands."

London Road Jewellery

"London Road Jewellery has a history spanning three generations in design and manufacture of timeless fine jewellery. We worked on name generation, identity, Art Direction and packaging for the boutique retail venture."

I really like the logo design for this brand and how the letters have been manipulates to create a decorative mark. I like how there is a hint of colour showing through on the box adding to the identity. The sepia tone of the images works well with the black/brown colour palette and the gold foiling accents this.

Fedrigoni Constellations

"Constellation is one of Fedrigoni's premium textured collections. The range includes three stocks produced in an array of different embossings. Our campaign championed the range's name by producing a box of postcards fronted by awe-inspiring imagery of star constellations taken by NASA."

I really like how the idea of constellation has been portrayed through this design. The spot varnish is very subtle but it suggests the shape and the surface reflects the light in a less obvious way then foil. The type is very simple and limited which makes the surface of the stock stand out.

Monotype Collections

"Monotype has been a worldwide leader in typeface design for more than 125 years with more than 18,000 typefaces and growing. We were asked by Monotype to create a concept that showcases the breadth of their type library in a way that engages the modern designer. We created the Collections campaign which culminated in a limited edition box containing collections curated by leading figures from an array of different industries highlighting their most loved typefaces. Curators included, Rankin, Domenic Lippa, Simon Esterson, Gerry Leonidas, Akira Kobayashi and Robin Nicholas."

The large selection of colours here work well together due to their block formation and they look great against the brown board that has been embellished with foil. The inside pages of the publications reflect the colour of the outside cover and create a consistent look.

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