Thursday, 20 March 2014

Personal Branding - London Promotional Packs.

In preparation for my trip to London I have created a small promotional pack to hand out to the studios we visit. I have developed my old personal branding into something slightly updated. The main change is the colour scheme from the bright pink and white to a trio of grey, mint green and purple. I feel these tones are a lot more relevant to my current practice and I like how they work together. Because I have this variation of colour it has allowed me to mix up how the packs are put together and I like the effect this has. I have also applied my logo using a vinyl sticker, I like the subtle appearance of this technique and how it is more interactive for the audience. To go along with my business cards I also produced an introduction card that spoke a little about me and my interests within design. As well as this I also have postcards of selected examples of my work, as even though my behance account is stated I thought it would give an initial first impression.

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