Monday, 10 March 2014

Looking into Studios - Socio Design.

Socio Design uses clean and simple design aesthetics to create very successful outcomes. Incorporating use of colour and interesting processes such as foiling and embossing to give a luxury look. Their designs always work extremely consistently across print and web.

"We are a multi-disciplinary graphic design studio based in Farringdon, London. We deliver unique creative solutions that help our clients communicate their core values, engage their audiences and ultimately achieve results.

What we do

We create brand identities and digital experiences for a varied list of clients, ranging from multinationals to start-ups. We apply meticulous detail, skill and craftsmanship to every stage of our design process, ensuring our work is both unique as well as aesthetically strong. More than this, we apply conceptual thinking and strategic focus, resulting in a successful and measurable response. Our strategic thinking is driven by our clients aspirations and business objectives, having these defined goals enables us to reduce the superfluous and deliver functional, enduring and effective brands.

Our approach

We work closely with our clients throughout the design process, giving them direct contact with each member of the team. This collaborative approach helps us to establish a narrative through which we convey the clients proposition and purpose, as well as providing an opportunity for clear communication. Our core team is complimented by an established network of talented creatives, including photographers, copywriters, developers, 3D artists and animators. This invaluable resource enables us to provide a fully holistic service that fulfils all of our clients needs as well as remaining competitively priced."

Soap Industries.

"Soap are a new digital and mobile development agency based in London. They differentiate themselves from their competitors through the craft and detail imbued in their service. Soap were keen to leverage this unique selling point and establish themselves as a premium player in the desktop and mobile development market.

We created a brand story and identity system that represented Soap’s distinct perspective and applied it to both print and digital collateral. The result was a paradoxical brand that reflected Soap’s craftsmanship and tactile work ethic through 1930s industrial insignia, pastel colours and metallic foils.

This unusual combination helped to define a distinct brand style that communicated the core values at the heart of the business, and set Soap apart from their competitors. Printed material by Avenue Litho."

I love the pastel shades used within this project and they have been really enhanced by the gold foiling. I like the luxury appearance this gives and how it shines in the light. The aesthetics of the print products have been cleverly applied to the web design with the use of logo's layouts and colour.

Zan Frackleton

"Zac Frackelton is an established photographer from London whose portfolio has successfully grown to encompass beauty and portraiture. Through his personal work Zac is able to pursue his other passions as a photographer, including cityscapes, landscapes and still life.

Zac commissioned us to develop a visual identity, website and blog that reflects the nature of his fashion-oriented work and provides a platform for his other projects. The result was a minimalistic identity centring on an adaptive logotype that could shorten and change orientation to suit its application.

On digital collateral, the logotype also offers a dual purpose, acting as a watermark and thereby protecting the images from unlawful use. Printed material by Avenue Litho."

The bold use of type and image works successfully, so well that the limited colour palette is essential. The overlaying of the logo on the images links them together and creates an interesting composition. The mixture of tones with the print material keeps the overall aesthetic similar without being repetitive. They identity works just as successfully digitally as it does in print due to the simple design choices.


"KAE are a strategic marketing agency focussing on delivering insight, innovation and strategy to a small number of high-value clients. They specialise in unlocking opportunities that others have not yet seen, or thought possible.

We helped KAE reposition itself as a premium strategic partner in its market, working as a trusted advisor to their clients. This involved formulating a new brand strategy that drew out its distinctive identity. To deliver this we constructed a concept that focused on the idea of ‘exploration’ and ‘heroes’, likening the business landscape to hostile territory that required an expert to navigate. This metaphor enabled us to pitch KAE as the pioneers, who help their clients successfully make tricky business decisions and circumvent potential problems. Through their identity, we were able to increase KAE’s stock as an indispensable partner to its clients.

To reflect the high-end but hard-working nature of the brand, a robust copper foil was implemented across all marketing material. Paired with a neutral colour palette, this communicated quality without detracting from KAE’s renowned work ethic. Print work by Avenue Litho and Dan Mather."

The bronze detailing of this project adds a very aesthetically pleasing consistent detail. I especially like it on the edge of the business cards as it looks like a solid block. This metallic touch also adds a touch of luxury to materials such as the brown card that are usually quite every day and mundane. The bronze aesthetic has also been carried across to web with a related flat colour

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