Friday, 9 May 2014

Portfolio Surgery - Thompson.

The other day I visited design Studio Thompson for my first portfolio surgery. I was initially quite nervous as I was unsure what to expect but I was interested to hear what the feedback would be. When we arrived we were taken to a conference room and sat together around the table. The crit took place as a group and it was interesting to see what everyone else had put together. It also meant I could take more feedback on what could be improved upon. When this was over we had a quick tour around the building, which was quite small but was still really bright and airy and seemed a great place to work. The feedback I received from the experience was:

  • Overall spread out boards rather than trying to squash everything over one or two pages.
  • Champneys - The marbling print is a big aspect of the design so consider highlighting it by giving it a page to itself.
  • Champneys - when showing apps put them real scale on the page so that the viewer can see exactly how it would be seen, in relation to image and type size.
  • R.T Millinery - large scale image of business card is good and the logo is really successful.

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