Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Evaluation - L.D Editorial.

Aspects that I have improved during this are my skills in layout design as the composition had to be consistent not only through one editorial but also across the whole range. This was very important to me, as I wanted each publication to flow into the next. I also felt I learned more about how to work with a real client and how to inform them on the changes being made. This was quite a quick turn around brief but there was still some development that took place during the process. After designing the first draft a mock up was printed out that Lauren could look through and note down any changes that were needed to be made. The things that were changed most drastically was the cover style and also image orders.

I gathered together a collection of research material for when I started constructing the books. I found it was really helpful to have something to refer to when the designing was taking place. Some main aspects I took from them were interesting composition ideas for the images. I particularly liked when certain photographs were positioned across a double page spread or the use of margins.

A strength from this brief is the quality of the professional print. It was really exciting receiving these as it is great seeing something come together. I really like the simplicity of the design and how everything is so consistent across all three editorials. Even down to the cover design where the images chosen are of a similar front on, portrait style. I think the use of white in the compositions really helps to frame the images.

Something I could have done differently to improve this brief is to maybe use a more interesting format as the A5 size is quite standard and is something I have used a great deal across the year. Experimenting with this further could have made for a more exciting end result.

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