Sunday, 18 May 2014

Portfolio Surgery - Elmwood.

I recently took part in a second portfolio surgery this time with Steph from Elmwood. It was great to talk to another professional about my work and gain some helpful criticisms to help improve my portfolio. This crit was also individual which made the experience different from the previous time. Some points that I took from this were:

  • Include an introduction board about my interests within design could incorporate some of my personal branding as a way of demonstrating my visual style.
  • Champneys: Be sure to show clearly the examples of copy as it shows a deeper understanding of the audience on more than just a visual level.
  • Galina London: show products in context so that less explaining would need to be done. For example labels on the products.
  • Galina London: as the logo was initially the main part of the brief have that large scale to show where the project came from.
  • Kubu: Strong project that relates to my current work, but because it is a second year piece and it isn's as developed as current work have it nearer the end.
  • From looking through my portfolio it was clear to see that I am interested in doing projects for high end fashion and lifestyle etc.
  • CV: include experience like working for real clients and entering live and competition briefs as it shows I can design for others and work from a brief.

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