Saturday, 10 May 2014

Evaluation - Cosmetics Brand.

During this brief I improved my packaging skills, it is something I have worked with quite a lot this year so I wanted to take my outcomes up a level. I decided to make the boxes slightly interactive and more exciting to interact with. To do this I created a patterned sleeve that could be slid on and off of the main box. This sleeve also has a cut out which enables the bottom layer to show through and breaks up the patterned area with a block of colour. I feel that these elements would really help the brand to stand out. I also improved my mock up skills, due to not being able to construct the exact makeup pots and bottles that I would have liked. I am really happy with the results and feel they look realistic.

My research started with primary investigations, as I wanted to see what the competition would be and gain knowledge on what information I would have to include on the packaging. I also investigated more creative makeup packaging to give a more bespoke finish to my own collection. As well as the packaging aspect I also needed to gain inspiration for the pattern design, I gathered my own photography of flowers for some primary research as well as current floral print designs, I feel like this helped when composing my pattern.

A strength I feel for this is the consistency of the product and outer packaging. I really like the combination of the blue and crisp white and how the products have a slightly clinical appearance, I feel this is needed to due the decorativeness of the outside. I also think a shelf of all white products would create a lot of impact.

I think a weakness is that I could have produced more promotional material and even things like shop displays and signage. This would haver really extended the collection and brought it full circle.

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