Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Looking into Studios - Thompson.

I will soon be visiting the design studio Thompson for a portfolio surgery so I thought I would research into the type of work that they do and their ethos etc.

"Great brands are built from the heart

If there’s anything we’ve learned in our 25 years in branding, it’s that building businesses and brands is a very personal thing. People invest a great deal of themselves in them, so they’ve got every reason to love and protect them.

So when it comes to branding, we know that, to do it well, we need to love our clients’ businesses the way they do. So that’s what we’ve built our company on. It means that we’re on the same journey as our clients and that we’re an essential part of their great adventure. It’s the kind of responsibility that drives us to be the very best. And it means that we’re as excited as our clients when we reveal the true, powerful joy of what their businesses and brands have to offer.

That’s why we take what we do so seriously.

We like to do 

We have great conversations and we spend serious time planning. But what we like best is doing. And, what we do comes down to 5 key things:

1. We help brands understand their place and purpose in the world.
2. We reveal the the space they can occupy.
3. We bring their vision to life.
4. We design and deliver the tools to articulate this simply and consistently.
5. We help brands change their game.

And our most consistently reliable resources for doing this are great people and powerful technology.

Brands that do good, do better

Working hard at something worth doing is a real privilege. We’ve noticed that the most successful and sustainable brands seem to be the ones that have real focus and a purpose that matters to them. We like to work with businesses like this because they seem to thrive on the power of the positive impact they create.

We model ourselves on the company we keep."


"Fontsmith is a London-based type design studio, set up by Jason Smith in 1999. It is dedicated to designing and developing high quality typefaces for independent release, as well as bespoke fonts for UK and international clients. After 3 years of flat trading, an increasingly congested market and reducing marketing budgets, the business owner knew he had to do something significant, to kick-start the next phase of growth at Fontsmith and gave Thompson a very open brief as to how to achieve this."

I really like the quality of production that has taken place with this brief, with the level of finishes like foiling. The colours used appeal to me and I like how they all compliment together and work well when placed with the storage box. The use of shape in also interesting to me as this is something I try to incorporate into my own work.

East Street Arts.

"Leeds based contemporary visual arts charity East Street Arts partner with artists and the community to bring out the best in artists by providing support, mentoring, workspaces and production facilities.However, after 20 years, their branding had become confused and founders John and Karen lacked the tools to communicate what the organisation does or what it stands for in a clear and consistent way."

The project appealed to me as I found the combination of design for print and design for environment very interesting. I like how the colour palette has been incorporated into the space to continue the brand identity. This is continued with the type branding and logo also being incorporated around the space itself too. The visual style has also been applied to editorial material that remains very consistent.

Joshua Ellis

"Joshua Ellis has been manufacturing the world’s finest cashmere for nearly 250 years, using traditional techniques and the finest yarns. It is sold to the foremost fashion designers including Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and Burberry, who choose Joshua Ellis for their exceptional quality and finesse. However Joshua Ellis’ identity lagged behind, doing little to convey the quality and expertise at the heart of the brand, and in a tough market they needed help to stand apart from competitors and to better appeal to overseas markets, especially."

I feel that this brief relates most strongly to my own personal interests within design with the relation to fashion branding. I like the simplicity of the logo as it can be applied to a multitude of things, as demonstrated above. I really like how with the web aspect the images are very large scale and the type is minimal so that the photographs are the main focus.

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