Thursday, 22 May 2014

Final Evaluation - OUGD602.

Over the course of this module I feel that there is quite a large range of skills that I have developed. For example the main thing would be confidence and clarity of my own practice. I feel that over the course of this year I have really refined what I am interested in and how I want to progress in the future. Before hand I found it difficult to find studios that I was really passionate about I think this was because I didn't have a clear idea about what I was interested in. I now know with certainty that I enjoy working with retail brands in the luxury or bespoke sector and that packaging, branding and editorial are areas I am passionate about. Because of this clarity of my own practice it has improved my confidence in approaching design studios as I feel I would be able to talk clearly and professionally. My evaluation skills have also improved as I feel I can now successfully keep track of my progress and review the improvements I have made.

Aspects that have helped me to develop during this module are finding studios that relate to my practice as it has given me things to aspire too and help me find my place in the graphic design industry. By looking at these places it has also informed my own design and given me inspiration. As well as finding studios I feel visiting them has been even more beneficial, for example going to London was very exciting and I enjoyed seeing the working environments. I think that my manifesto presentation helped to inform me as before I hadn't necessarily considered what I was interested in in much depth, it was just something that was accepted. I have really enjoyed going to exhibitions and talks this year such as Design Manchester and Dialogue, it was really inspiring listening to experienced designers and seeing such exciting things.

I feel that strengths from this module would be my personal branding as I think that it is now a lot more reflective of me as a designer. I like the colour palette and I feel the processes like triplex and vinyl give a strong professional look that would be memorable to who I gave them too. I think that my confidence in presenting has been a big skill and it something that I no longer anxious about. I feel that this was proved in my visit to the Elmwood studio to pitch my 'brand the boring' idea. I really enjoyed the experience and felt confident in talking about what I had done. I have also been proactive in visiting studios and I felt that going to London was hugely beneficial to me. As well as portfolio surgeries with a selection of studios where I felt confident in talking about my work.

Some weaknesses that I could say would be the I feel I could have developed the web aspect of my personal branding further. It does the job but I think the layout could be more exciting and interactive. Also, even though I visited a large amount of studios and spoken to a lot of professionals I haven't had a placement. However this is something I definitely want to look at over the summer.

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