Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Presentation - Manifesto.

Within my manifesto presentation I focused around five particular things that I feel passionate about within Graphic Design and real life. I also looked at plans and ambitions for the future and what I aim to achieve.


Travel is something that is very important to me and area that I would like to explore a lot more in the future. I love experiencing new cultures and seeing beautiful things in different cultures. There is also something very relaxing about exploring somewhere new and having no other responsibilities. The places I have included are London, New York and Amsterdam. I will be soon be visiting the Amsterdam with some friends from the college and I am really looking forward to it. New York and London are two places where I would love to have an internship and is definitely something I will look into in the future.


Print and pattern have been a big aspect in regards to my design work over the past couple of years as I have found it is something I really enjoy. I really like seeing how colour and shape can work together to create something aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Not only do I enjoy creating prints but I also love applying them to products and incorporating them with type and branding etc.


I have really enjoyed collaboration this year and I have found that I work better in a collaborative setting. I enjoy bouncing ideas of other people as I feel it makes the process move faster and have overall better outcomes. During third year I have collaborated with individuals on the course and others within and out of the college environment. All have given very different experiences and I have learnt different things from each. I have found I have improved my organisational and communicative skills when working with people outside of the college as I have had to work with them to get certain pieces of content or information. It has also meant designing for a specific individual rather than a made up brief.

Studio Visits

I have visited a selection of studios during this year and they have all been very beneficial trips. By going to these places I have learnt about the studio environment and how it can differ from place to place. The studios I have visited so far are Numiko (Leeds), Studio Baum (Bristol) and Elmwood (Leeds) all of these were very different either in scale or focus of design. Studio Baum was the smallest consisting of just one designer and even though I found I enjoyed visiting it made me realise that an environment like that isn't for me, due to my love of collaboration and working with others. Numiko was bigger and I could tell that there was a bigger buzz within the environment that had different sectors working together. It was mostly web based that although I am interested in isn't my main passion. Finally is Elmwood that was the largest of them all. The design space was great and there were multiple areas to work. I feel being part of a big scale company like that would be exciting.

Luxury Packaging

Finally is luxury packaging that over the last few months I have come to realise that this is a main aspect I would like to progress with after leaving university. Packaging is something that I enjoy but when paired with high end and bespoke brands it becomes something I am really passionate about. I love the clean finish and use of colour and shape. As well as packaging I would also like to develop my skills in branding and editorial for this sector as well.


By future goals at the moment are quite vague but this is something I would like to cement down in the coming months. I would initially like to get a short term internship in a city that I am familiar with in order to get to grips with everything. Next would to graduate and be happy with what I have achieved over this time. During the summer and up to the start of 2015 I would like to gain some internships in new cities whether this be in the UK or abroad. After this travelling is something that I feel I have to do before any serious commitments come my way. And finally if all the rest goes to plan I would like to find a full time job in design, after having that time to find a city I would like to live in at a studio I am passionate about.

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