Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Evaluation - R.T Millinery.

An aspect I improved on and learnt a lot about during this brief was interacting and communicating with a client as this is something I hadn’t experienced before. I learnt the importance of clear emails and fast replies and also how necessary it is to try and meet someone in person as things become clearer and get resolved at a much faster pace. I have also learnt how to develop my own initial ideas into something that pleases the client without losing my personal opinions and design integrity.

For the research for this project I looked closely into each of the products I had to produce. For example current look books to gain inspiration for layout design and how to arrange all of the content. I also looked at current millinery branding and found that the majority of it was very traditional with the use of serif typefaces and organic imagery. However I found that the most successful had a contemporary approach which is how I move forward with my designing.

A strength of this brief would definitely be the level of development, especially in regards to the business cards as they changed a great deal across the process. I feel this was definitely due to having a live client as there were adaptations to be made that I wouldn't have considered before hand. I also had to create a larger range of items to get an idea of her taste.

During the process of this brief I feel I have learnt a lot about the complications of working with a real client. This was my lonest brief, not of choice but because o lot of things kept cropping up and a lot of the time I was waiting for content to be supplied. From this I think I could have been clearer on deciding upon a final deadline of a completion date and on both sides when certain aspects needed to be provided. As I feel the length of this brief was unnecessary and could have been avoided.

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