Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Design Principles Type and Grid Evaluation.

There was a lot to take in with this section of the module, I found it helpful to make notes as I could refer back to them later when we had to complete our tasks. It was interesting looking at how the grids related to the layouts in the newspapers and magazines and how rigidly some stuck to them. When it came to me drawing out my own grid from a current publication I found it quite difficult, but as I started to notice a pattern it fitted together easier. I really enjoyed redesigning the layouts on paper and I was surprised how creative it could get. Although, as I moved to InDesign it was harder to recreate the measurements I had drawn and translate them onto the screen. Another aspect we looked at was measuring type, I found it interesting how the terms used today are the same as what was used years ago. The paper device we made to help us was useful too, especially when I had practised it a few times.

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