Sunday, 19 February 2012

10 Things I Have Learnt About Myself Personally.

1. From starting the course I have found that I am more comfortable talking in front of groups of people than I though I was. I always considered myself shy in these kind of circumstances and even though I still get nervous I think I come across confident to the people I am speaking too.
2. I am a lot better at arriving to things on time than I was before. I thought this would be something that I would struggle with, but I have got through the time so far without being late.
3. I have also found that I can look after myself in terms of living away from home, I have learnt to cook which is something I thought I'd never do and I doubt my family thought I would either!
4. I think I could improve at prioritising things to do and getting them done straight away as although I do finish things on time it would be better if more of them weren't so last minute.
5. At the start of this course I though I would miss woking in a sketchbook and even though it is something I enjoy doing I understand now how time consuming it was compared to blogging. Not having to print out imagery, handwrite titles and annotation, consider layout on the page and finally sticking everything down gives me more opportunity to focus deeper on the research and work itself.
6. I think I successfully balance work and social life as I like going out with my friends but I also know when not to in order to complete a set task of work to a good enough standard.
7. I am better at budgeting money than I thought I would be, I know how much to roughly spend on food and other aspects in order to get through the week. I have also managed to save too which is something I never really did before and also to understand better the value of money.
8. Initially I thought that maybe being on such a full time course could have its disadvantages, but I've found that I enjoy being in 4-5 days a week and I'm pretty sure that if I wasn't I would end being really bored and looking for more things to do.
9. One thing I've decided that I would like to find time for is to join some kind of sport or more likely dance club as it's something that I really miss doing weekly.
10. Since moving to uni I've found that I'm still a really untidy person, it's something that I wish I could change, so I'm going to try harder in future to not let the mess get so out of hand. (my room on a good day!)

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