Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Design Principles Colour Evaluation.

I found the introduction to colour theory a really fun way to get started. The rainbow effect we created on the tables was quite impressive and it made a good effect when all the tones made a smooth transition into the next colour. Pantone was something I'd never really heard of before so it was useful to find out and look into further. Identifying what pantone colour our objects were was difficult because as soon as you thought you'd found a correct match you'd place the object up to another and it would fit better. Ittens seven contrasts was a theory I had never heard of before and although the PowerPoint on it was helpful the constant stream of contrasting colour gave me a headache, which I suppose shows the power colour can have. I made some of my own representations of these on PhotoShop which were fun to do and I think it made me understand it better as there was a lot to think about. We then moved onto more practical experimentations with colour, the paper task was quite repetitive but it was a big help to see the theories first hand and see the results through my photographs.

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