Monday, 23 January 2012

Evaluation, Focus, Develop.

  • What is the problem?
To convey information about student life to perspective students or freshers.
  • What subject/area of study are you focussing on?
Student life - alcohol, finance, accommodation, international students etc.
  • To what depth are you investigating this area/subject? Is this sufficient?
I have already research into statistics quite in depth, but I will probably look into things further when putting my pieces together.
  • What is the form and amount of research to date?
Statistics, words, images and facts.
  • What visual material do you have to work with?
Primary and secondary photo's and found infographics and posters.
  • Is there an appropriate amount of work for the time you have to develop it?
I think what I have will be sufficient but I could look further into zines.
  • What is your timescale? When is the deadline?
2 weeks, 6th Feb.
  • What is achievable in the time available?
A lot is achievable, it just depends whether other projects take up a lot of time during this period.
  • What methods are you using to evaluate the progress of your ideas? 
Talking to peers and listening to their ideas, also crits.

  • What are you identifying as areas worth developing further?
Research into zines.
  • What are you trying to communicate.
A way to put across important pieces of information to do with student life?
  • What audience have you identified?
Prospective students, freshers.
  • Who are they?
Young people moving away from home for the first time and diving into a new experience.
  • What problems have you identified?
Categorising and condensing the information.
  • How do you intend to solve these?
Go through research and identify similarities and differences.
  • What is your intention?
To give information in a aesthetically pleasing way to students.

  • Have you moved on from your initial starting point?
Yes I firstly wanted to create a poster.
  • What methods are you using to document this development?
My blog and design sheets.

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