Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Design Principles Frame and Format Evaluation.

In this section of Design Principles I enjoyed exploring the college and taking photos as I discovered areas I'd never been to before. I was given the letter A as a focus and at the beginning it was quite easy as I just found current letter A's that had been printed around the place. I soon realised though that this wasn't the area I wanted to focus on as it was quite uncreative so I began looking for objects that created the shape of an A. This was a lot more challenging but also more rewarding when I found a successful composition. I had a selection of photo's that I liked from exploring in and out of the college but I picked two to develop further for my hot dog book. I am happy with the outcome of my book as it took a lot of experimentation and time. Even though I feel it is maybe more Illustration based and an area I could have improved it would be to maybe do some type experiments to add to it. Another aspect of this section was the photography workshop which was helpful as I learnt how to use the manual settings and with a bit more practice feel comfortable using it in the future.

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