Monday, 14 April 2014

Presentation - Final PPP.

Level 6 Focus & Start of year statement

At the start of the year I decided that I wanted my collection of work to focus around retail. My statement explaining this and all of the briefs I wrote at the beginning of the year revolved around this. I Felt the projects I did nearing the end of second year also linked with this. With this main theme I could experiment with a variety of things that interests me, for example: branding, packaging, editorial and web.


Here are a selection of briefs throughout this year that I feel have been the strongest or what I have learnt a lot from.

Rosanna Millinery

Rosanna Millinery that has been going on since September. Working with someone from an outside environment Proved difficult as it has been working with contrasting time scales, from me, photography and Rosie.The brief has escalated from what was originally stated, for example from one look book to three. Going with what she likes but influencing her to pick something I would also like.

M&S Picnic

M&S picnic was a previous YCN brief that I undertook with Beth Hayden. Collaboration is something that I have really enjoyed this year. Ideas flow a lot faster and its good to combine skills.

Champneys Euphoria

Champneys is a competition brief that I have entered this year, designed with Emily James. It is the  brief that I have enjoyed most this year and what I feel has been the most successful. I feel we have covered many areas and created something that suits the target audience really well. It was the first brief that was photographed by a photography student and really proved how necessary it is as the results were so much more successful.

Design Manchester

Went to design Manchester earlier this year and it was a really interesting experience and these are the speakers that were there. The highlight was definitely Kate Moross, as found that the way she presented was down to earth and inspiring. Her work is very different to what I do but it was really interesting and it was good to see the processes she went through.

Elmwood Pitch

Recently I was lucky enough to get picked to go to Elmwood and pitch my Brand the Boring idea. Initially I was very surprised as I didn’t think it was my strongest piece of work, although this showed that people aren’t always looking for the same thing or looking at something in the same way. I found it a really beneficial experience visiting the studio and pitching my idea and it gave me a big confidence boost, presenting in front of new people proved I could do it in the future. Doing presentations similar to this in the past really prepared me.

Updated Branding

I have recently updated my personal branding so it reflected more of the style I have been developing this year.  I have chosen a selection of colours and I like the variation it gives. I have kept the same logo that I designed last year as I like the simplicity and I think it can be applied successfully to a variety of things. I have applied this design using clear vinyl and I am really pleased with the effect it has given.

Studio Visits

I then took my branding packs to London where I went to visit studios with Emily. These are the places that we managed to visit. We had quite a clear idea of where we wanted to visit as we researched quite a lot before hand. After going I think it has made it clear to me that this is something I would like to explore in the future. I was surprised at how welcoming people were and how they seemed to like receiving the promo packs we were giving out.

Construct London

Here are a few of my favourite places that I visited. Construct deal with luxury brands and I love the finish that they produce. The areas they focus on also reflect my own interests such as packaging, branding and editorial.

Studio Twig

I can remember seeing this website by Studio Twig before even knowing who they were and I really loved it. When I found them I instantly remembered it and found that I also liked their other work. I found they were really welcoming and enthusiastic that we had came to visit.

Here Design

Finally is Here Design another studio that I find inspiring. It was interesting to compare the scale of different places from a large scale to two or three individuals After visiting all of these places it definitely pushed me to know that this is something I would like to look into.

Future Plans

This brings me onto future plans and what I hope to achieve in the future. So obviously the first thing on the list in to complete uni and graduate. I’d then like to hopefully get an internship, preferably in London, I feel it is something I’d like to experience whether I love it or hate it at least I’ll know by the end/ After this I feel to travel is something very important to me and I like to do it before I have any long term commitments and then after all that exploring I think it will be time to get a job whether it’s in London, Bristol or elsewhere.

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