Friday, 4 April 2014

Evaluation - Champneys.

During this brief I think I improved most on my audience consideration and creating something for a particular individual. I think having this very specific focus actually made the design process easier as it was clear who we were tailoring everything to. I think this was particularly apparent with the copy aspect, with our tone of voice being very relatable to a younger person.

I did quite a lot of primary research for this project as it was very easy to go into shops and look at the competition and how products appear on the shelf. Whilst doing this I could also see the current Champneys products and how they needed to be adapted to fit with the new audience, I felt the colours were quite muted and dated. Whilst researching we also found that floral prints were very common within this sector so we wanted to produce something that would stand out from this.

I feel a strength from this brief would be the level of finish and production quality. We were really happy with the mock ups crafted as we felt they didn’t have a hand crafted appearance. We also went through a lot of trouble creating our plastic mould as it was an important part of aesthetic to us. I am glad we did this as I felt I learnt a lot about the plastic moulding process. This is similar with the marbling experiments this took a bit of time to understand the process but we felt the end results were very successful and transformed the identity of the brand.

I think a weakness of this project was that we could have pushed the campaign aspect. We focussed strongly on appealing to the audience aesthetically rather than reaching them with advertisements.

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