Monday, 14 April 2014

Exhibitions - Stedelijk Museum.

During a recent visit to Amsterdam me and some friends visited the Stedelijk museum. I found this to be a great experience and I really enjoyed myself. I liked how all areas of the arts were covered from Graphic Design, Surface Pattern, Photography, Fashion, Sculpture, Fine Art, Film etc. I found it very enriching and the atmosphere was relaxed and peaceful.

The first things to be viewed were some large scale murals that covered a great deal of space. It is interesting to look at things like this as it really makes you consider size and scale and I am so used to designing for small scale compositions.

There was some focus on three dimensional design like home furnishings and jewellery. I liked seeing how colour and patten were applied to these items and the different take on shape and scale.

I really enjoyed looking around the surface pattern design as this is something that I like to incorporate into my own work. It was interesting to see the different colours and textures and how items like this are displayed.

There were some examples of editorial design but due to it being within glass cases I was unable to see what it was like on the inside pages. However, these cover designs still really appeal to me as the layouts are quite unconventional. The colours also look fantastic against the crisp white.

This piece really caught my eye as I love the three dimensional form and how when you view it from different angles it gives a totally different perspective.

I  love the illustrative style of these pieces, the aesthetic reminds me of decorative tiles and I like how the composition has been broken up and all the pieces fit together. The colours are vibrant and exciting.

These examples caught my eye straight away due to the bold use of fluorescent colours. Not only are the colours so exciting but so is the incorporation of multiple patterns into the composition. I like how everything is overlapped and there is so many point of interest.

Here is an example of packaging on display, it isn't something that really appeals to me aesthetically but it is an example of how packaging could be displayed within an exhibition space. I feel that this isn't the most successful option as it very hard to view and see at different angles. The fact that it is in a drawer means someone needs to pull it out in order to eve see it.

After viewing the ground floor I then travelled upstairs to continue the exhibition. I love the high ceilings and white walls that really increases the appearance of space. On the upper floor the use of neon lights was great and added an interesting focal area.

Upstairs was a selection of really impressive photography. The images were very large scale and rather than being printed were displayed on very high definition screens that really made the images come alive and feel like you could just step into them.

Finally was fine art, what appealed to me here was the use of colour and again scale as it made the pieces very engaging, especially being able to get up close and see the texture.

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