Thursday, 3 October 2013

Looking into Studios - Numiko.

After Numiko coming for a talk and visiting their studio I have decided to do some further research into them and their work.

"We are an award-winning digital agency, solving problems for our clients through user research, design and technology. 

We have a team of 28 talented people working across a variety of disciplines.

Research: knowing who your users are, what they think and what they do is incredibly useful. Never skip; do not pass go.

Strategy: how best to engage with your users to persuade them to do something. User Experience: understanding how users move through systems and services. Digital Design and Brand 

Development: brands can and should be developed to take advantage of interaction. So often they are not.

Bulletproof tech: we prefer and therefore only use open source, largely Drupal. We can make it go very fast without falling over. We can make it do what we and our clients want, rather than us working for the machines."

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