Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Presentation - Level 6 Introduction.

Direction for Level 6

During this year the main focus of the briefs I have picked is retail as it is something that really interests me and I feel that previous projects I have undertaken like Kubu homewear have been my most successful. I also feel that within this sector there are a lot of routes that I can also explore like branding, packaging, editorial and web which will give my portfolio variety.

Collaborative Briefs

I have planned to take part in a selection of collaborative briefs with other students on the course but also with outside individuals. I am really excited about this as I have really enjoyed collaborative projects in the past and feel that they are successful because of the increased skill set and ideas. One project is with a graduated millinery designer who is looking to start to brand herself with business cards and a look book, I am looking forward to the editorial side of this. With Beth we plan to do a past YCN brief, M&S Perfect Picnic that will lead us to improve our packaging design skills. Lastly with Emily we had the idea of creating a stationary brand that uses practical techniques like laser cut for the products.

Individual Briefs

My briefs I will undertake individually I am also excited about and cover a variety of my interests. For example Brabantia that is primarily about pattern design that is something that I really enjoy, this is a brief I would like to extend as it is a competition brief and the main aim is to just create a print although I would like to push this create a new product range and promotional material. The next brief is Graze that focusses on the practical side of packaging which will be interesting to learn about. I also plan to design a new cosmetics brand that will focus on luxury, I think this is one of the projects I am most looking forward too. Another brief is some work linking with fashion brand Motel, whilst researching I noticed that their promotion is predominantly digital so I plan to make a print magazine that would aim to target new customers. Lastly is a competition brief from Talenthouse, where accessories company Galina London has asked for a new logo, although similarly with Brabantia I want to extend this and create related objects that the branding can be applied to.

CoP Research

I also briefly talked about the current research I have done for my CoP work. At the moment I plan it to be about the relation between propaganda and advertising and explore the similarities and differences between them. Although as this develops it may change to something else if I feel it is more suitable and relevant to me.

Studio Visit

Finally I spoke about my visit to Studio Baum in Bristol over summer and the possibility of a placement there. I also plan to visit some larger studios in order to get a comparison.

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