Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Studio Visit - Numiko.

After Numiko did a talk in college me, Beth and Imogen went down to their studio to have a look around. During their talk they mentioned how web isn't just coding but is also a lot about design and how you incorporate the two together. This interested me as I enjoy constructing the look of a website but don't always have the knowledge to put it together.

Turning up initially I was quite nervous as this was the first studio visit I had done and I didn't know what to expect, however going with friends made it easier as they were there as support. It made me more confident as we could all ask questions and turn up together and I think next time I have the confidence to do it individually. The visit mainly consisted of a tour around the building and being introduced to different members of the company, it was interesting to see how many people there was as this was something I didn't expect. There were a lot more job roles than I initially anticipated as well, for examples researches and finance departments that seems obvious now but I hadn't considered them beforehand. It was interesting to see how the design team worked as well from the front end that determined what the user would see and the coding team that would put the ideas of the previous group into something usable.

Overall this experience made me think differently about web and the opportunities within it. It also made me a lot more confident in visiting studios in the future.

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