Monday, 12 November 2012

John's Task One.

  • Identify five companies/studios which you consider particularly synergetic to you personally. Write a short paragraph why and reasons for each.

The Print Project

I have chosen this studio as they focus on letterpress which is a process that I am particularly interested in. I find the work they produce really aesthetically attractive as it appeals to the style that I like. It is also quite a local company that is based in Bradford.

Gemma Correll

I really like Gemma Correll's quirky illustrations, I think they are really fun and entertaining. I also like the sarcastic edge in her annotations as it suits my sense of humour. Her work has also been used in Urban Outfitters which is pretty cool!

Again I really like the illustrative style of Luke Bott's work and how he applies this to other areas of Design, like logos/packaging etc. His choice of colour in how work also appeals to me as I like his use of tone and contrast.

Jessica Hische

I love Jessica Hische's gorgeous typographic design, I love the decorative and vintage style. The colours she chooses, especially in these examples really appeal to me, I really like the pinks and soft pastel shades. The only negative is that she lives in San Francisco, which is quite far away!

Aileen Cheng 

I have selected two web design images from Aileen Cheng but she also works in lots of other fields. In these examples particularly I really like how she incorporates pattern into the design in a subtle way and also works in the colours to compliment it. She also lives in California, but in LA.


  • Identify the top choice and why you feel that they may have synergy with your practice now, or in the near future.
  • Is your choice based on: location, direction of practice, the brand philosophy, client base?
  • What if none of those is your main reason for choosing to follow this organization, what is it specifically? 

I think my top choice would be Jessica Hische as I feel she covers a large range of design areas whilst still keeping her style, as she can apply it to a range of things very successfully. Therefore my choice is definitely based on design practice as the look of her work is really something I aim for. Also, even though it would be easier if she was based in the UK the idea of travelling to another country is very exciting and appealing to me.

  • WHO they are/who are you?
  • WHY you are contacting them and why they should listen?
  • WHAT do you want them to do next and what do you actually want?
  • WHY should they come back to you?

Jessica Hische.
I am contacting her because her design aesthetic really appeals to me.
I would like her to get back to me, maybe send some work samples, answer any questions I may have.
She should get back to me because...

  • Now you have identified initially these studios you feel synergy with. Please list 8 methods you could utilize to contact them. 


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