Sunday, 18 November 2012

John's Task Two.


Make a list of 3 of each of these.
My chosen areas of practice as of now.
My main strengths as of now.
My identified weaknesses as of now.

A set of main goals for this year.

Chosen areas of practice as of now:
  1. Illustration - I really enjoy creating illustrative images whether they're characters, diagrams etc. I enjoy seeing it all come together to create an image that the audience can recognise. At the moment my illustrations are all done on Illustrator, but I would like to experiment more with a hand drawn style.
  2. Typography - I always like looking at type and the clever ways people work with it. My skills aren't up to what I would like yet, but I do have strong thoughts about what I do and don't like.
  3. Packaging - We haven't had much of an opportunity to look into this area yet, but it really appeals to me. I like how it incorporates image, type and colour, whilst also applying it to a three dimensional form.

My main strengths as of now:
  1. Programme knowledge - I feel very comfortable using a variety of programmes on the Adobe suite and I feel that this benefits my work. Although I am aware that there is still much I don't know and can learn to develop it further.
  2. Illustration - I am really happy with how my illustration skills are developing, especially considering I couldn't even use Illustrator this time last year and because of this I am excited to see how it can progress.
  3. Analysing work - I think I am quite good at analysing my own work and the work of others. This is helpful because it helps me to be able to recognise what I do and don't like which will hopefully bring on the designs of my own work.

My identified weaknesses as of now:
  1. Lack of confidence - at the moment I don't have a huge amount of belief in my own capabilities which may be holding me back. I'd like to gain more confidence in myself and my skills.
  2. Lack of studio knowledge - whenever we have to gather a selection of studios or designers that we like I find it really difficult to identify places off the top of my head. This will be a big hinderance when it comes to industrial experience and selecting places to visit as my knowledge about it is so limited.
  3. Idea generation - as of now I tend to find it difficult to think of innovative ideas or I just settle on the first idea I come up with. I would like to get out of this habit and push myself to think of more interesting plans.

A set of main goals for this year:
  1. Produce some portfolio worthy work - as of yet I don't feel I have anything of a high enough standard that I could take to around and show people. This year I really want to have some projects that I am really proud of and am happy to show to people in the industry.
  2. Identify studios that I like - because this is one of my weaknesses I would really like to rectify it and improve my knowledge. Maybe I give up to easily when researching online, so I will have to think harder or maybe even ask my friends if they know anyone they could recommend.
  3. Continue to improve skills - I would like to continue improving with my knowledge on programmes as I think this will benefit my work a lot.

  1. Have some successful studio visits
  2. Gain more confidence and self belief
  3. Produce some work I'm really proud of

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