Friday, 27 April 2012

Speaking From Experience Concept Crit.

I intend to instruct a group of students who are moving away from home for the first time, have a limited budget and are familiar with technology. That will need advice on how to cook and learn the basic skills that are needed to produce to low cost healthy meals. In order to achieve this I will produce an app that will be downloadable to phones or tablets. It will take the place of bulky cook books, the digital aspect will also allow the content to be up-dateable easily to suit the specific audience.

Product - An app that will help to teach students how to cook.
Range - I will produce a series of product sheets that will demonstrate my product in use to see what it would look like if it was actually created.
Distribution/Context - It will be accessible via smart phones and tablets.

Five Statements about my audience:

  1. Familiar with technology
  2. Enjoy being social
  3. Usually has a limited budget
  4. Has a busy schedule
  5. Most probably moving away from home for the first time.
Here are the boards that I prepared to show to my crit group to demonstrate my idea. I feel that they are clear and show my thoughts thoroughly.

I found the feedback I got from this very useful and beneficial to the development of this brief. Here are a few point that were brought up.
  • Recipe suggestions from food that you already have available.
  • A shopping list option, so users can remember what to buy. Paper lists can easily be forgotten to be picked up whist a phone is taken everywhere by habit.
  • Information on portion sizes.
  • Popular tea options: Bolognese, pizza, curry, pasta bake, sunday roast, macaroni cheese.
  • Information on local shopping destinations, what places are good for different items.

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