Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Speaking From Experience Designs Continued.

Here are the screens for my recipe section. It starts with s scrolling page where the viewer can see the section of recipes available. Once they they have chosen what the would like to eat it moves to a screen that shows important information relevant to what they would need to know which is cost, time to cook and how many it serves. After this they progress to the ingredients and then to the cooking process which goes through step by step. I am really happy with my imagery for this as I like the style and I feel it helps back up each stag well.

After researching on the internet I gathered a list of 9 basic things to cook, ranging from eggs, to vegetables and meat. I think this would be very beneficial for the audience as they are helpful skills to know and some of which would be needed when making the recipes. I really like the colour palette for this section as the green looks fresh and the type is easily legible.

Store Locator
This section of the app I feel would be really beneficial for a Leeds fresher as navigating around a new city is very difficult. By using these maps students could be directed to the places to buy food and could find out which one was closest to them, therefore saving time by not trekking around town.

Shopping List
I created a shopping list as on multiple occasions I have written one out, forgotten to take it with and then couldn't remember what I needed to buy. I thought this would be useful to have as an app as people rarely leave the house without there phone so their shopping list would never be left behind. The list could also be saved which means it could be changed and updated throughout the week.

This is the screen for the built in timer. I thought it would be useful for people cooking for the first time as it is easy to forget what times you put things on to cook and you could get confused with other items. With this tool multiple alarms can be set which would notify the user of when things are ready so they aren't over or under cooked.

Portion Size
Portion size proved a common issue when speaking about during crits so this simple section will inform the audience of how much to cook and they can always refer back to it if needed too.

Meal Maker
This section of the app I think would be very helpful, the user can enter ingredients that they have available and the system would generate a meal that they could cook. This would be good for saving money as you wouldn't have to but unnecessary items of food as you could use what you already had.

Download More
Finally, the download more area allows the user to update their recipe book. One of the main benefits over the conventional cook book. You scroll through the options and select the meals that appeal rather than having it full of recipes that wouldn't be used. The final screen also shoes the basic information to help the audience make their choice before downloading it.

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