Monday, 3 December 2012

Life's A Pitch Logo Designs.

I have started off designing some possible logo designs for our company 'Juice'. I have never really done much branding work so to begin with it was quite a challenge.

Initially I looked at the idea of bendy straws that come with most juice cartons and using this theme to create some type. I quite like the fluidity of the letters but I think a logo would look more successful with a corresponding image.

I then moved on to creating some simple shapes, looking at the idea of a droplet effect. I like the contrast between the block colour and white but I don't think these shapes put across our brand or theme in a very clear way.

Next I focussed on getting across the theme of fruit, with simplified illustrations of the full orange and it's segments. I prefer this yellowy orange to the more red tone as I think it looks more zesty and fresh. The contrast between the orange and green is also effective.

This is my final design. We wanted to incorporate the type in a fluid style within the circle, using typography to get across the form of the object. It was quite difficult to get the letters to fit in successfully and still remain readable and it took a few attempts to get the correct composition.

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