Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Proverbally Yours Feedback.

Here is the feedback that I recieved from the anonymous crit...

It was really interesting reading through other peoples feedback and it was good to see how they interpret my work. I was pleased when both sheets came back that they had read the proverb being portrayed and they confirmed that it was communicated in a clear way. There was contrasting opinion on my choice of colour, one believed it could have been experimented further as the pink seemed quite feminine. In contrast to this the other piece said that they thought it was appropriate as the red is a symbol for love etc which contrasts well with the white which also has connections with innocence. I am happy that both believed my posters worked as a set and liked the use of colour to show separation and unity. It was said that with the use of pictograms and simplicity led to my posters being high impact and memorable I am really happy about this as it was one of my aims for the set. Finally some points suggested for further development were to look into people and their addictions and long distance relationships.

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