Sunday, 2 October 2011

What Is Graphic Design?

Identify examples of Graphic Design appearing in different contexts...

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Here is an example of graphic design in a gallery setting, I think this really demonstrates the variety the subject can cover.

This image shows another variety in how graphic design can be portrayed and how it is very versitile in different situations.



I really love this image, I think it really pushes the boundries and is something you wouldn't necessarily consider when creating a piece of work.

I love the idea that the design on shoe soles can be imprinted everywhere you walk and is an interesting take on putting a 'stamp' on the world around you.

Here is an example of graphic design in a commercial environment. I really love the weathered effect and I think the theme looks really effective as a whole.

Identify examples of Graphic Design performing different functions...

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This piece represents graphic design as packaging. It comes in such an array of ways but I really love the sophisticated look of this and I feel it fits well with the brand.

Shop signs are another example of a possible function and a necessity for nearly all commercial businesses.

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This examples function is to inform, whether it is for cook books, instruction manuals or in this case writing about the Australian ballet.

BeautifulBizCards 02 15 Genius Business Card Designs design

Business cards are another example of graphic design serving another important function.

NordicFashionBiennale1 Feathers and Ice: the Nordic Fashion Biennale play

This poster is incredibly striking which helps prove it purpose of advertising.

Bag design is another imporatnt factor and can be produced with very creative takes.

Identify examples of Graphic Design delivering different types of messages...


This is a piece questioning religous views.

I'd say this piece takes on quite an artistic message and has portrayed it very creatively and artistically.


Matt Chase


Identify examples of Graphic Design produced using different media...

Here is an example of Graphic Design using the media of fabric and paint.

Here is a creative approach of using pages in a book.


Paper cutting.

Neon lights.

Alberto Seveso 5 Design Bursts & Photographic Magic design

Photography and the human form.

Here is one of my favourite examples from this entry, I love how the mirrors have been used as an alternative media.

I really love this collage style with a mixture of photographs, illustrations and texture.

Identify five examples of Graphic Design produced at different scales...

Large scale billboards.

Small scale business cards. 

A2 paper based booklet.

beacreature boey The Daily Bite: Art on Cups design

Polystyrene cups.

Very small scale postage stamps.

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